Health and Healthcare Data Sets

Monthly #ProjectHealthViz data sets


December Trends in Youth Sports – Extra challenge: Make a mobile friendly design.

October/November – No data sets, time off required

SeptemberBiggest Healthcare Data Breaches – Extra challenge: Do some research to add some contextual information (text, annotations, description, links, etc) to help your user understand the data.

June/July/August – No data sets for the summer

May Registered Nursing Labor Stats (1998-2020) – Extra challenge: Draw inspiration from someone else’s viz and be sure to note them in your published visualization!

AprilQuantified Self – There is no official data set this month since the data is all about YOU! We do quantified self data twice a year. You can utilize data you may already have available such as perhaps from an application such as fitness, food tracker, sleep, medication, etc. or if you don’t, then take 2 weeks to keep track of something (maybe what time you shower, how often you have a drink or go to the bathroom, how long you run, your daily moods or thoughts, what triggers you to yell, types of conversations you have, etc. – anything related to health) and then visualize it. Extra challenge: Use only two colors in your visualization (not including black and white).

MarchAdaptive Sports – Includes three possible data sets: UK Paralympics, Paralympics Historical, Wheelchair Marathon Winners. This month is a collaboration between #DiversityinData, #SportsVizSunday, and #ProjectHealthViz – please be sure to enter into all three submission trackers. Extra challenge: Use parameter or set actions (in Tableau), or a feature you have never used before.

FebruaryUK Hospital Admissions for Youth <18 (2016-2018) – Extra challenge: Use a custom image for the title (create in tool of your choice – PowerPoint, Figma, Canva, Illustrator, etc.) and a custom button, shape, or background image.

JanuaryNHS Admitted Patient Care Activity: Main Specialty (2019-2020) – Extra challenge: Design dashboard for a C-Suite executive as the end user.


DecemberCannabis Strains and Features

NovemberHow Common is Each Myer’s Briggs Personality

OctoberAustralian Breast Cancer Screening, COVID Impact

SeptemberConditions Contributing to COVID Deaths

AugustGlobal Emissions by Sector

JulyAAPCC Poison Exposures by Age

JuneGeography of Social Capital in America

MayTeladoc 5-Year Stock Prices

AprilHuman Development Index

MarchCoronavirus Daily Counts

FebruaryWHO Access to Basic Sanitation

JanuaryMental Health in Prisons and Jail


DecemberSubsaharan Africa Healthcare Facilities

NovemberMen’s Prostate Cancer Trends (Movember)

OctoberAutism Spectrum Disorder CDC/ADDM 2014

SeptemberAlcohol Use and Burden (compiled by Anna Dzikowska)

AugustOECD International Healthcare Spending

JulyBaby Alice’s Treatment Costs (courtesy of Rodrigo Calloni)

JuneCeliac Disease Symptoms and Disorders

MayWHO Global Tobacco Consumption

AprilEuroStat European Disease Prevalence

MarchGlobal Measles Cases

FebruaryUS Rural Hospital Closures

JanuaryCT Drug Deaths 2012-2017


DecemberUS Social Security Number of Births

NovemberCDC US National Outbreaks

OctoberAdolescent Pregnancy Rates by Race

SeptemberMedicaid HEDIS Measures

AugustMedicare Coverage Gaps

JulyCDC 2016 Fatalities

JuneWHO Causes of Child Mortality

MayUS State Mental Illness Percents

#ProjectHealthVIz started in May 2018! Thanks for coming along for this journey of mine and I hope these datasets are useful!