Hey! I’m Lindsay, a licensed marriage and family therapist turned into a Tableau junkie! While I can give you advice on how to control your emotions when your data goes berserk or maybe can help you fall in love again with your data set after it has lied to you again and again, it’s probably best we stick to the basics.

I’m a busy wife and mother of two young boys. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, and drinking craft beers. My favorite words are “enigma” and “tesselate.” I eat jalapeños every day and cheetahs are my favorite animal. All that is to say, I’m laid back but love to be challenged and busy; I enjoy patterns; I’m always up for a challenge; and data inspires me.

This blog is mostly about my data viz journey and my efforts to connect with, inspire, and learn from, the community at large. You’ll find details about my community initiative, #projecthealthviz, and other aspects about art, data, and people.

You can find me in the Tableau Community on Twitter (@ZenDollData), on Tableau Public, LinkedIn, and Instagram (@ZenDollData).